Faith Over Fear

We hear all the time that all we need is the faith of a mustard seed and to place faith over fear but do we really know what that means? How conditional is that faith? Would you take a leap no matter how big or small if God called you to do it?

We say our prayers and if we’re still, listening and connected, God answers! But sometimes we ignore those answers that come in a form of a sign or simple intuition because it’s not the answer we want or fear of the outcome. 

Because we are conditioned to believe there are certain goals we must check off to be successful in life, we disregard things that may bring us happiness because it doesn't fit the plan, until we soon forget or maybe never even get a chance to learn what truly makes us happy. We just become robots moving through life, not enjoying life for the short time we have. That’s where I found myself! Working a corporate job in Human Resources at a reputable company, making decent money but just going through the motions, although I didn't realize it at the time...

When I turned 30, it was like I hit a wall and there was no option for forward movement without reflection. I reflected on mostly things I did not like about myself up until that point and it took me to a really low point. I was doing all this soul searching but didn't know what to do with the things I figured out about myself. That was HARD! I mostly continued showing up in my mask and hiding what I was feeling but those close to me knew. I was reading self-help books, attempting meditation and my sister introduced me to crystal healing. After a few months, I also started therapy, which has helped me tremendously! I’ve literally become a therapy advocate. Collectively, these intentional processes helped me to build myself up better than I was before! I recognized my value and in going through this journey, I realized that a lot of us say we love and value ourselves but don't really understand what that means. But, when a woman finally recognizes that, she recognizes that she is unstoppable. 

So here I am showing up to work every day, excelling in a career that I didn't necessarily choose, but more-so a great opportunity that I was chosen for. I didn't go to school for Human Resources, this wasn't a dream, it was a job! A job that I was great at, but didn't have any passion for. I mean, just because you're good at it doesn't mean it's for you. I was GREAT at school but I realized, after several attempts, that didn't mean college was for me and my path. But as I worked more and more on my journey of self and strengthening my relationship with God it kept weighing on me that what I spend the majority of my day doing, was not aligning with my happiness. The funny thing about healing and learning your boundaries and what's right for you is that once you figure out what isn't, there's no room for it anymore. I prayed and prayed about it and looking back on it, God started showing me signs of the answer very quickly, I just wasn't ready to listen. I mean this was my MONEY people and we all know momma's got to provide! But God just kept making me more and more uncomfortable in what had been my comfort zone for so long now. I was still praying the same prayer even with all the blatant signs until one morning I woke up at 3:30 am and something told me to go to my altar and meditate in that moment. I promise, I have never heard a message so clear! I put in my notice to my job that day!

My manager who understands this soul journey I've been going through asked other ways she could help and possibly get me to stay. She even asked if I needed to take a leave just to gather my thoughts...but my thoughts were clear, the message was clear and God didn't ask me to pause, he told me it was time! I realized I was attached to the people more than the actual job. I felt so relieved and at peace with the decision. Mostly because I got there through the trust and guidance of God on my own. I refused to get a reading or talk it out amongst friends. Just God and myself (and a discussion with my husband of course). My heart has been full of gratitude, I’ve been doing the work and now God said show me your faith, and I did. He knows my heart is with Creative Culture and he instantly showed me that he won't let me fall. I am happy, I am grateful and I am blessed! Creative Culture is not yet where I want it to be, but I'm excited to give it all of me and it will grow. I don't have an exact plan, but I know it will all be fine. It can't feel this good, relieving and just right for it to not all be fine. I am getting to continue my path of healing, growth and intentional living, while also (hopefully) inspiring others to delve into their own. How can it get better than that? I get to spread love, intention, joy and happiness to others while also feeding myself that same energy. I LOVE that and in that, the money will surely come! I am not afraid! I am safe, protected and at peace! 

So I welcome you to Creative Culture...AGAIN, but this time in my full being!🖤✨




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