Random Messages for the Culture - Entry 1

Don't be ashamed to take a step away or a step back to excel forward!

That's right! I said sometimes you might have to move, in what you consider, backwards to excel to the higher level you want to get to. When I look back on my life, some of my greatest accomplishments have come from a step back...

In 2017, I started the year fasting from food from sun up to sun down and social media completely. It was hard at first because social media has become such a huge part of our lives. That time was so eye opening for me. The vision of Creative Culture came to me during this time and I began to execute. I returned to social media an entrepreneur although that was never the intention when I decided to fast! I literally just needed time to separate my thoughts but that step away did so much more! 

My family of four also took a step back to a two bedroom apartment for two years while saving to buy a home. This was after renting a four bedroom home for many years that was fully furnished. Imagine that, four bedrooms squeezed into two with sons that are 5 years apart now having to share a room...WHEW! But we did it and couldn't be happier! 

I also almost quit Creative Culture! Yep, I was done! Defeated! I didn't want to do it anymore, it was hard and uncomfortable. How dare this business test my comfort zone so much? I had to shut it down. I was away for 5 months before I realized that what I needed was time to focus on myself to better understand why and where I was going with the business. The time was needed and the vision was clear and I came back dedicated, focused and more ready to step out of my comfort zone than ever!

I say all that to say, although it may feel like a failure at first when having to step back, keep an open heart and an open mind to the possibilities of the outcome. Focus on the positive possibilities of the situation and imagine, work towards and manifest the best version of yourself and your situation on the other side! Keep God on the line! Find things to be grateful for in the situation; such as, maybe you need to step down from a position, well be grateful for the extra time you have for yourself since you have less duties. There's always a positive in every situation and always a lesson in why you needed to take the step back in the first place! God is talking to you. Be sure to listen! 

Also and what I find most important is that the idea of moving backwards sucks! Where's the life guidelines and timelines handbook because someone forgot my copy! Exactly, take as many times as you fucking need to start over!! 🖤✨


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