Protection - Intention Oil

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Rosemary, Cinnamon & special blend - Protect your energy! Negative energy is all around and sometimes directed at us. Block that sh!t so you can continue on your personal growth journey. There's no room for bad vibes on this journey!

  • Protection 2 oz Intention Oil 
  • Skin Safe
  • **Based in Jojoba Oil**
  • Small energy crystal in each jar


  • Anoint yourself (behind ears, wrists, forehead), objects  and/or candles. On body, use from feet to head to bring blessings in or head to foot to clear negative energy out
  • Anoint dried leaves and carry in your purse or charm bag.
  • Use in your oil warmer
  • Drop a few droplets in your lava beads or diffuser jewelry 
  • Use a few drops in your bath 
  • Use however you feel led to in your care and ritual routines always keeping the specific intention in mind. 

Pairs well with our Tourmalines of Protection Energy Candle