Quartz of Clarity - Sandalwood & Vanilla

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  • 16oz candle
  • Sandalwood and Vanilla Scented 
  • Smoky Quartz stone with a specialized mixture of flowers and herbs for the intention of this candle

Smoky Quartz is known for it's stress relieving capabilities. It's a crystal that helps you to reconnect to the wonders of being alive. Every day will feel like a new opportunity with the positive vibrations of this crystal. Smoky Quartz can help heighten awareness and deepen the mental state during meditation. It also helps you to find emotional balance and brings you into greater harmony with those around you. 

Sandalwood is good for calming your mind and creating mental clarity. 

Vanilla is known for reducing restlessness. 

Energy candles are handmade at order so please allow an additional 5-7 days for processing. 

Flower and stone placement will vary. 

**If the crystal falls towards the flame  while burning, blow out the candle and simply push the crystal in the opposite direction away from the flame. 

**Do not let the candle burn complete to the end where only herbs and flowers remain. This will cause herbs and flowers to catch flame which could cause the jar to burst. This is not a reflection of negative energy but simply the result of the dry herbs burning. 

Keep wicks trimmed to approximately 1/4".

Once your candle finishes burning, let it cool and remove your stone. Wash the stone with hot soapy water. Wah-lah! Continue to practice your intentions with your stone forever with love from Creative Culture! 🖤

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